Gird Your Loins, a Possible Hollywood Homewrecker Could Make Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner a Brangelina Part 2

Fans, prepare for battle.

In 2005, Angelina Jolie was (unfairly) deemed the universe’s biggest homewrecker when falling in love with Brad Pitt, causing him to divorce from Jen Aniston. Still, no one seems to be over it. But here we are, ten years later with another major Hollywood couple divorce on our hands. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their split a week ago and already, cheating rumors are flying. Is this deja vu?

We know the couple had experienced problems and had been seeing a counselor for years before deciding to go separate ways. But reports claim a fellow A-lister could have been in the mix. Ben was rumored to have gotten extra close with his Suicide Squad costar and Australian bombshell Margot Robbie, but his reps deny it.


Still, Margot better watch her back or next thing you know, she’ll be the next poster child for Hollywood Homewreckers, and you know what the means.

Bennifer fans will show no mercy.

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