Cardi B Is Not in the Mood For Tami Roman’s Recent Bonnet Chronicles

It's safe to say Cardi's tired of people talking about her weight.

By Jasmine Washington

Basketball Wives star Tami Roman is known for setting social media on fire with her hilarious ’Bonnet Chronicles’ series. Roman’s raw and unfiltered commentary on the latest in pop culture usually brings the laughs, but a recent ’Bonnet Chronicles’ installation ruffled the feathers of reality star-turned-rap sensation Cardi B.

Roman’s comical take on Cardi’s sudden weight gain may have gotten the co-sign of 47,000 of her IG followers, but the “Bartier Cardi” rapper was not pleased.

Cardi quickly hopped on Instagram in response to Tami’s jokes. After running down her day and how she discovered the shade on ’Bonnet Chronicles,’ Cardi B wrote, “I don’t ever talk about other people! I be talking my s**t but not about others specially[sic] if i don’t know you… Whyyyy is my name in your f**king mouth? Do i make you a check? Do i f**k you? Am i eating your p***y? Am i helping you find a job? So why Cardi B be in your f**king mouth?”

Tami turned to her comments once word of Cardi’s response went viral. “I always hear and read ppl saying the same thing, so honestly I felt that was an old topic. LOL,” she began. “But really it wasn’t that serious. I always uplift her & her sister but she didn’t choose those things to respond to. It’s no beef so no response is necessary on my end.”

This isn’t Cardi B’s first time clearing up rumors about her weight. Early this month, she shot down pregnancy rumors savagely telling an Instagram follower, “no b***h i’m just getting fat let me be fat in peace,” when asked if she was secretly concealing her pregnancy like Kylie Jenner.

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