Here’s Why Amber Rose Let Her Son Go Blonde For His Birthday

Stuntin' like his mama.

By Jasmine Washington

Doting mama Amber Rose is always giving updates on her son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz via Instagram. From beaming over his extensive vocab to his love of all things Halloween, Amber Rose isn’t shy about sharing deets on her son’s upbringing.

Most recently, Rose took to IG revealing that she let her son dye his hair blonde in honor of his fifth birthday. “Lol he begged me for a whole year to dye his hair blonde like mine so we started with a little patch and I told him when he turns 5 I will make him a full blonde like his mommy. He will be 5 on the 21st of February,” she beamed.

My twin #sebastiantaylorthomaz

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Shutting down haters and encouraging parents in the same breath, Rose added, “He’s so happy and none of you dirty little trolls can take that away from him or me! ??? P.S Love your children unconditionally and let them be creative this world will be a better place.”

Birthday boy Bash isn’t the only one sporting a new look. Amber Rose recently revealed her much smaller breasts she received courtesy of a breast reduction. She also ditched her traditional blonde buzzcut in favor of blue finger waves.

At Amber Rose’s “Slut Walk,” VH1 asked women what they want to say to all the slut-shamers out there.

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