Dreamdoll Shares Her Most Embarrassing Stories About Wearing Wigs and Explains Why People Call Her “Chucky on Steroids”

Spoiler alert: keeping your wig secured at all times is a major key to lace success.

Dreamdoll is known for a lot of things and one of them is definitely her wigs. She’s not afraid to switch it up in heartbeat going from neon yellow to pastel pink. It’s hard to believe that she wasn’t always this obsessed with her wigs and her hair, but in this BET.com interview, she explains why she hated her first wig, what her most embarrassing wig moment is, and how many wigs she has in her collection.

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Her most famous wig? The orange wig that she wore in her “Everything Nice” music video. According to Dream, the thumbnail image for the video is how she got so many views because all everyone saw was a girl with orange hair and a big butt. People were curious and after they watched the video, people started calling her a “Chucky on steroids.” She doesn’t mind because that wig is still clearly one of her faves.

But she hasn’t always loved her wigs. When everyone saw her wearing her first wig they said that it looked great but she hadn’t perfected securing it. While at work, someone went to hug her and the bangs on the wig slid all the back to the top of her head. While that seems like it’s embarrassing, she tops it by telling the story of the time that her wig fell off while she was having sex. Not only did her wig fall off and expose her wig cap she said that when she got up, “it was right there in the pillow with it’s headscarf on.” Yikes!

Dreamdoll isn’t the only Love & Hip Hop personality that loves her wigs. Take a look at Cyn Santana talk about her beloved wig collection.

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