Tyga Is Supposedly Cheating on Alleged Girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a Transsexual Actress

The hot mess continues.

When it comes to Tyga, a lot of things are questionable.

Everyone’s pretty much agreed that he’s dating Kylie Jenner, but even that is suspect. Now, the Internet seems to think that T-Raww is cheating on his alleged girlfriend with a transsexual actress named Mia Isabella.

This is Mia.
The rumor first appeared on LoveBScott.com yesterday. The article cites an email from an “anonymous source” claiming that Tyga, 25, and Mia, 29, have been romantically involved for the past three years. That would mean that Tyga had been cheating on both baby mama Blac Chyna and Kylie with Mia. The email included screenshots of supposed text conversations between Tyga and Mia, which also include NSFW pictures of them both.

It’s easy to Photoshop text messages, and Tyga’s phone number changes halfway through the screenshots (though he could have changed his number IRL). It’s unclear what relation Tyga and Mia have to one another, though the messages assert that if anyone ever found out about them, Mia would say she’s the fashion stylist and consultant for Tyga’s brand. Tyga’s friend King Trell called out the rumors about Mia and Tyga earlier today. No word from Kylie or Tyga, yet.

We reached out to Mia for a comment, but she wasn’t immediately available. As far as what we know about her, she’s a transsexual actress who had a brief stint on Sons of Anarchy. She also once interviewed on Sway Calloway. Check out her interview in this video uploaded to her YouTube last year:

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