The New Cure to Split Ends is Setting Your Hair on Fire, Because Why the Hell Not?


This takes “beauty is pain” to a whole new level.

The Internet is currently buzzing about a new treatment that supposedly helps get rid of your pesky split ends. And it involves putting your hair near fire. Yes, you read that correctly.

Velaterapia is a Brazilian hair process that preserves moisture by burning off twisted strands of your hair with a candle. And, not to sound too much like an after-school special, all the cool kids are doing it.

Here is a photo of IRL angel and supreme supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio casually torching her hair.

Fellow beautiful person Barbara Fialho is also known to burn her locks in the name of glam.

So why are people obsessing over this fad? According to the Laces and Hair Salon, Velaterapia helps the hair undergo a natural conditioning process, which keeps your locks fresh and clean. Who knew?!

The dudes over at Mashable report this treatment costs between $150 and $200 and does not affect the length of your hair. However, because the risk of dealing with — ya know — fire is so high, the site recommends that you don’t try this shizz at your house. Go to a reputable Brazilian salon if you’re dying to give “hair burning” a whirl.

The Internet is a crazy place.