Lyrica Anderson Claims She’s Single Now, And A1 Deleted All His Photos Of Her

All signs point to breakup.

It’s seeming like there’s trouble in paradise for Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley, leaving fans wondering, “Are y’all together or nah?”

In this serving of some tea for free, Lyrica took to Snapchat to air out her husband A1 for apparently stepping out on their marriage. In this image captured by the Shade Room, Lyrica writes a message saying, “The moment you wonder why you never had a side [dude] Being a good girl now #Single.”

She also reposted a message of forgiving but not forgetting to her Instastory.

A1, whose Instagram was filled with pictures of him working in the studio and being about his business, has since deleted all but three photos. He has not commented on these allegations.

We’re hoping this power couple could work out whatever it is they’re going through!

In this throwback Love & Hip Hop Hollywood clip, Lyrica is upset that A1 would have a studio session with Keyshia Cole without inviting her.

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