O’S**t Learns That His Estranged Wife Nikki is Eight Months Pregnant in the Black Ink Crew Sneak Peek

"Who waits eight months to tell somebody that they're having your baby?"

Six months have passed since Richard Duncan last saw his wife, and while O’S**t is arguing in the shop over clients, Nikki drops one helluva bomb.

In the Black Ink Crew sneak peek, Richard has been in New York and since he and Nikki split up, the man is going back to his O’S**t ways. He receives a call via Facetime from his wife (ex-wife?) saying that the two need to talk. They haven’t spoken for some time, so Nikki takes the opportunity to reveal that not only did she and her son move to Atlanta, but she is also an entire eight months pregnant. Shocked, O’S**t asks, “When the f–k did you get pregnant?” It doesn’t make sense to him seeing as how she made no mention of a pregnancy when he was still with her. While they were together in California, Nikki claims not to have known saying “I didn’t know until after you moved out.” Not only is the fact that she’s well into her third trimester mind-blowing, but O’S**t can’t believe Nikki still wants to be with him. Now, all O’S**t can wonder is, “How do you expect somebody to be cool with something like that?”

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