Sky Makes the Entire Black Ink Crew Uncomfortable By Accusing Young Bae of Lying About Her Abuse

"Being here has opened up all of my wounds all over again. Haven't I been through enough?"

Sky is on one while in Korea and she pushes Young Bae past her breaking point.

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, Sky is in rare form when she presses Young Bae about the truth behind her family situation. Dinner has barely started when Sky asks, “Where’s your dad?” She continues stating that while they went to Korea initially to find Bae’s mother, the stories she’s heard about Bae’s dad sounds like “Lifetime movies” and she thinks that they’re all lies. No one at the table knows where any of this is coming from, and Bae is practically speechless. “I wish my life is a lie,” Bae says. Bae wishes she could show Sky “the bruises, the broken heart, the tear-shedding,” to prove that this is not some made-up life.

Donna and Ceaser agree that Sky needs to fall back, but does she? Nope. She keeps going saying that the only reason Bae created this tale was for a free trip to Korea. The shipping container was suspect to Sky and the crew reminds Bae that she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Originally, Ceaser thought Sky was high but it’s unbelievable how unreal this inquisition is. An unapologetic, Sky throws ice at an upset Bae screaming “f—k you, too.” Cold blooded.

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