Watch The Moment When Young Bae Finally Found Her Missing Mother

We're not crying, YOU'RE crying.

For the past few weeks, the Black Ink Crew family has been trying to help Young Bae reunite with her mother. After not hearing from her mom for some time, Bae and the crew decided to take matters into their own hands and get their booties over to South Korea to find her themselves. The journey was full of adventures, Sky’s typical antics, and plenty of emotions.

Bae worked nonstop to find her mother, even taking the crew to a shipping container that she hid out in when she was a child. When she wasn’t successful, struggled to understand where her mom could be and why she wouldn’t come out of hiding. And then, finally, Bae found her! She found her mom!

And she’s literally adorable. TBH, Bae’s mom is my favorite person on the show now. The emotional reunion took place in the apartment that Bae rents out for her mother, trying to take care of her from afar. We are so glad that these two are reunited!

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