These Wild and Crazy NYC Beauticians Turn Their Salon Upside Down When Two Out-of-Towners Crash the Party in This Beauty Bar Supertrailer

"It's a dog-eat-dog world. You better chew or be chewed."

Where there’s talent and lots of money at stake, trust and believe there will be drama.

VH1’s spankin’ new show Beauty Bar follows the lives of hair and makeup artists from House Of Dolls in NYC who are just trying live the the most fabulous lives possible. These stylists are more than just coworkers – they’re certified #squadgoals. When they’re not pulling in major coins from coloring, weaving and beautifying clients, they’re turning the salon into the ultimate pre-game spot. Friends who turn up together, stay together right? Sure, that is until outsiders come and create heated competition.

Let’s get into the team. Thalia is a makeup artist who’s always dressed to kill and isn’t shy about her cosmetic enhancements. Vee is House of Dolls’ master colorist who always gets the party jumpin’. She’s best friend’s with Notik, a barber who also moonlights as a rapper. Kevin calls himself “the Harry Potter of makeup,” and although his career is on the rise, his relationship with his family is rocky. These colorful characters all consider themselves to be one big happy family, and they’re definitely not happy about the new kids on the block.

Princess, a master weavologist and Rell, a well-known loctician, are House of Dolls’ new stylists and they are not getting the warm welcome they expected. The House Of Dolls veterans are giving the newbies a hard time, but they’ll have to try harder if they want to push these tough cookies over the edge. Drama thickens as everyone tries to separate the real from the fake. Who will chew, and who will be chewed?

Find out during the series premiere of Beauty Bar Wednesday, February 28th at 10/9c!

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