Bri Raises All Hell After Realizing Safaree Replaced Her Verse on “Paradise” With Kiyanne’s Version

"What happened to the verse, bruh?"

Bri and Kiyanne were bound to cross paths again after the St. Maarten table flipping fiasco, and this time Jaquae is once again caught dead in the middle of their cat fight.

At the release party and charity event for the “Paradise” remix, all of the artists finally get to hear the results of their hard work…everyone except Bri. It wasn’t until track ended that she discovered her verse had been cut and replaced with a hot 16 from her arch enemy Kiyanne. Although Safaree agrees it was kind of foul not to give Bri a heads up that she wasn’t going to be featured, he says its all her own fault because she failed to submit a clean verse for the final version.

Bri is seeing red, and the only person she’s looking to blame is her friend Jaquae who she thinks purposely played her in favor of his girl Kiyanne. That insult didn’t go over too well, and since we know Kiy is always about that action, things went from 0 to 100 real quick. Meanwhile, Yandy and Rich are convinced that Safaree and Bri had consulted with them, this clusterf*ck wouldn’t have happened.

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