Ashley Graham Showed Off Her Twerking Skills in a Bikini and This Former Top Model Contestant Isn’t Impressed

"That twerking needs some help, boo."

When it comes to twerking, Ashley Graham is confident her cakes reign supreme. But a former contestant from the America’s Next Top Model family begs to differ.

Ms. Graham recently showed off her twerking skills on the set of a recent Sports Illustrated shoot. Since her curves were on full display in a teeny weeny thong bikini, it felt like the perfect opportunity to show everyone on set what she’s working with. Roll that beautiful footage!

Well, Ashley’s friend and contestant from cycle three of Top Model Toccara Jones saw the footage, compliments of TMZ, and couldn’t stop LOL’ing at her attempts to throw that a** in a circle.

“She is not working the twerk,” Toccara says, unable to control her laughter. “I love Ashley, but Ashley, me and you gonna have to twerk girl. I need to show you how to really pop, pop that thang. That twerking needs some help, boo. The girl in the back was popping it a little harder than she was!”

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