Amara La Negra is Hella Annoyed by Vee’s Shenanigans While Getting Dolled Up on Beauty Bar

"Vee knows how to f*ck a good thing up, doesn't she?"

House of Dolls has lots of experience prepping and primping celebrity clientele. They also love to clown around and turn up in the salon. Sometimes, those two things don’t mix.

In this highlight from Beauty Bar, the salon gets a visit from the one and only Amara La Negra, who wants a chic new twist on her signature afro. Salon owner Henry decides to put his newest stylist Princess on the job, and the veteran colorist Vee has a major problem with that. She feels Princess is far too green to be getting a celebrity client in her seat, so she decides to turn up the heat to see if she’ll be thrown off her game.

It starts off with Vee boosting up Notik to spit a hot sixteen in front of Amara, who is now wondering if she stepped into a hair salon or a talent search. Then, Vee makes a comment about Princess’s quick mohawk look on Amara. “Yo my daughter could have done that hairstyle. She doesn’t even know how to write her own name.” Say what? Amara was not having none of it. “You don’t want none of this,” she warns before teaching a little lesson on respect.

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