Chadwick Boseman Surprises Black Panther Fans, And I’m Not Crying… You Are

Wankanda *sniffle* FOREVER

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had fans leave a message for Chadwick Boseman on how important Black Panther was in their lives. Their heartfelt messages relayed the joy, power and encouragement Black Panther brought from the screen into their homes. Little did they know, he would hear the message loud and clear.

I’m not crying… My allergies are just acting up.

I’m not the only one living for these ~Hallmark Moments~ though. The internet quickly reacted to their fave parts of the video, showing all the love for Chadwick.

Chris Evans (aka Captain America) even jumped into the conversation, bowing down to the King.

As for the King himself? It filled his heart as much as it filled ours.

Now, brb while I go see Black Panther as many times as I can.