Contrary to the Rumors, Alexis Skyy Says She Spends A LOT of Time With Her Newborn Daughter

"She's changed me in so many different ways, but I don't have to allow y'all to see that."

Judging by her active social media accounts, Alexis Skyy has been far too booked and busy to address Internet trolls prying into her personal life, but today she had time.

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In an Instagram live session, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star addressed questions from her followers about recent photos where she’s modeling, twerking and flying out of town for hosting gigs. Based on Alexis only posting photos of herself, the assumption has been that she’s bopping all over town while her premature newborn Alaiya Grace recovers in the NICU all alone. Even though it is no one’s concern but hers, she decided to explain that all of her moves are a means to provide for her baby girl.

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“This is how I make my money. I’ve always been on Instagram, I’ve always taken pictures. I’ve always taken sexy pictures. Like, this is what I’ve done for a while now. Everbody knows…this is nothing new to ya’ll. I’m still gonna provide for my child. When I’m super super super super rich, like Beyonce rich and Jay-Z rich, then y’all talk to me.”

She also crushed any and all rumors that she’s too busy partying to spend time with her daughter.

“My priorities have changed. She’s changed me in so many different ways, but I don’t have to allow y’all to see that. And that’s just what it is. I know I’m a good ass mom. I haven’t even experienced being a mom yet because I don’t have her with me, but I make sure I see my daughter every day. If I go out of town, I make sure I see her before I leave. My mom works at the hospital…you guys forget that she works there. But then I go back and see her.”

If you recall, Alexis did actually give us a glimpse of the adorable Alaiya once during a visit, but it seems like her moments of sharing are few and far between (and who could blame her!)

Alexis had Alaiya on January 4th, three months ahead of schedule, after being rushed to the hospital due to complications. She weighed only 1 pound at birth. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and her baby’s father Fetty Wap assured fans via on Instagram Live that the baby was doing just fine, but would have to spend the next few months in the hospital. Fetty and Alexis are currently broken up.

Once upon a time, Alexis tried to make peace with Masika, Fetty’s other ex, but that didn’t go over so well.

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