Friday Feels: Khari Barbie Gets Hyped Up By Masika As She Bops to Fetty Wap

"Go Girl! Khari! Hit a pose!"

We all have a song that gets us lit in the club, or in Khari Barbie Maxwell’s case, a song that gets you crunk in a car seat. So what gets Masika and Fetty Wap’s daughter moving and grooving? Songs by her own dad, duh.

With a Fetty song playing on the radio, Masika asks Khari who’s song they’re listening to and she says “Daddy!” without missing a beat. Excuse me while my heart melts. Then, she starts wiggling to the song and Masika does what all great moms do and hypes her baby’s every move. Being strapped in the backseat of a car doesn’t hold Khari back from shaking her groove thing, and she’s giving us fancy footwork, hip-arm coordination and poses that show she’s ready for vogue.

Honestly, let’s get this girl ready for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 25.

It’s clear Masika and Fetty agree that putting their daughter first is their number one priority. Way back in Season Three of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood they couldn’t agree on anything – including what their relationship even was.

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