Um, Ashley Nicole Thinks She Has The Pipes To Cover Whitney Houston?

Kirk Frost's client has covered the late great legend.

Like, listen we don’t think Ashley Nicole is a bad singer, at all, but covering Whitney Houston? That’s a whole other thing. We went digging through Kirk Frost’s client’s Instagram for videos of her singing live (since she basically mouthed along to a track of her single “Trippin” on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) and we came across some videos of her covering, gulp, The Voice.

That’s right, Ashley covered “I Have Nothing” immortalized by pop and R&B legend Houston and, well, we can’t say this is our favorite cover, girlfriend.
There *is* nowhere to hide from this cover.
“Mysyeeelph?” Um, ok, no thank you. Let us know what you think of Ashley tackling the late great Whitney in the comments!