Alexis Skyy Shares Heartwarming Video of Her Baby Alaiya and Her Smile Is EVERYTHING

How precious is this child???

Continue to pray for baby Alaiya Grace.

Alexis Skyy is highly favored with a beautiful baby girl, Alaiya, and recently shared the cutest video of the love of her life.

In the video shared on her Instagram, Alexis asks her precious child to “open her eyes for mama.” At first, baby Alaiya hits us with a smile but after her mommy asks her to open her eyes once more, she does!

Born on January 4th, baby Alaiya weighed a mere 1 pound at birth and is still in NICU. It is such an amazing blessing to see her growing and glowing more and more each day. We can’t wait until Alexis is able to bring her heart home!

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