Drew Elliott Chats With a Contestant Who is Ready to Spill the Tea About What It’s Really Like to Live in the Top Model House

This week on America’s Next Top Model, the contestants were challenged to bring what they’ve learned in the competition into the real world with go-sees and a cover shoot for Paper Magazine. There was one model, however, who couldn’t quite live up to the expectations of the judges.

From the start of the competition, Erin Green was not just a strong contender, she was breaking barriers by being the oldest model in the show’s history. At 42 years old (she’s a grandmother, y’all!) Tyra Banks herself said that Erin was changing the modeling game just by being there and showing other women that beauty is ageless.

And Drew Elliott still thinks Erin is next level fierce, but “We were at the point in the competition where ’Fabulous Erin’ wasn’t enough against the other girls.” But that’s not all that we learn in this interview:

First of all, did you know that Erin auditioned for the very first cycle of Top Model back in 2003 and lied about her age at the time because she was 27 and the age limit was 25.

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