“I Gave Him a Good Life!” Sky Breaks Down Talking to Ceaser About Her Relationship With Her Son Genesis in This Black Ink Highlight

This is heartbreaking to watch, but Ceasar has some good advice for his friend.

We weren’t too sure how Sky would handle the details of Ceaser’s meeting with her son Genesis. On this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Ceaser finally got to fill Sky in on all of the details.

After Ceaser explains that Genesis is upset that he didn’t see his mom for fifteen years, Sky breaks down. She cries, “I love my son. I love him… but this is not making no f—king sense. I really gave [him] a better life. Like, I don’t care, I gave him a better life than anything!”

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch. Ceaser lets her know that she’s not wrong, but that she needs to see Genesis’ side of things, “I know what you’re saying now, but he’s basically saying… he needed you. Like, that’s all he ever wanted.”

Ceaser admits that he also had a hard time at first when it came to understanding how Genesis couldn’t see that his mother tried to give him a better life by putting him up for adoption. Eventually, though, he realized “the tears, the anger, the frustration… this s—t shows that he loves her and this is the only way he knows how to show her.”

He encourages his friend with a few words of wisdom. “At the end of the day, y’all really love each other and y’all both need each other to close these chapters in your life.”

We hope Sky can figure out the words to say to her son so that they can reconcile.

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