Can You Guess Which VH1 Star Is Grandmother To This Adorable Baby Girl?

God bless baby Ja’Cynda Cora-Lee Isaacs!

WARNING: Baby fever may be in full-effect after peeping this photo.

Back in October, Basketball Wives star Jackie Christie’s estranged daughter Ta’Kari Lee gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and we cannot get enough of her. Ja’Cynda Cora-Lee Isaacs was born in October 2017 and is so sweet!

With her baby hairs laid, her bright eyes, and her love of tutus, Ja’Cynda beams black girl magic with her melanin poppin’. The child is a doll, not-to mention bute and boujee. Originally after birth, Ta’Kari Lee teased us with a head full of hair here and a cutesy leg there so naturally now we’re full of joy seeing how wholly beautiful this baby is.

How cayute is she?!? God bless this amazing child.

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