Should Rob Kardashian Support Blac Chyna’s Effort to Protect Dream or Should He Take Legal Action Against Her?

The reality star believes his baby girl may be in jeopardy.

The drama between battling exes Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has once again been stirred up by Chyna’s recent fight at Six Flags.

Footage captured from the scuffle shows Chyna hurling baby Dream’s pink stroller car at a woman who she claimed touched the toddler without permission. Chyna later clarified on social media that she has no regrets for defending her daughter.


According to sources who spoke with TMZ, Rob is “horrified” by what he saw go down and plans on taking swift action in court. His lawyers are reportedly drawing up paperwork in order to set clear boundaries on what Chyna can and cannot do while their child is in her care. That also goes for Chyna’s new relationship with 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay. Rob is apparently none too pleased that Jay has been introduced to Dream so soon into the relationship. If things go his way in court, there will be a strict order that no parent can introduce a new partner to Dream until the relationship hits the 6 month mark.

Additionally, Rob is also seeking to have his $20,000 per month child support payments reduced, claiming that Chyna is actually the breadwinner among the two of them and that his cash flow has been cut since being banned from Instagram. The couple, who broke up in July 2017 following an explosive fight on social media, share joint custody of their 1-year-old.

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