You’ll Never Guess What John Legend Loves Doing Naked


If you poked around Instagram earlier this week, then you probably saw Chrissy Teigen post a rather cheeky photo of her husband John Legend completely naked.

Try to cool down, though, because it gets way better. Chrissy tells The Gossip Table that John loves being naked all the time — and who can blame him with a derrière like that? Furthermore, Chrissy dishes that John enjoys playing the piano. At home. NUDE. *Bam* — all your fantasies just came true, and you might want to check if you’re pregnant right now. TGT has more in the video below.

Chrissy also reveals that to keep Mr. Legend (and his ass) in check, she makes him watch “girly” TV shows like The Real Housewives and as many hairdressing and wedding stuff as TiVo will allow. (People still use TiVo, right? Or am I not down with the hip youths?)

#RelationshipGoals just reached a whole new level. Here’s hoping we all find that special someone who will play the piano naked for us while simultaneously watching The Real Housewives of New York City. That’s the real GD dream.