Brandy Explains Why She Skipped Ray J and Princess’ Baby Shower

"This is a new situation. This is a baby. It’s all new. So everybody wants it to go right."

After nearly three decades in the spotlight as an R&B idol, Brandy is done keeping up with appearances. Perhaps that’s why her interviews as of late have been so raw and uncut (and we’re not complaining!). However, when it comes to family business…there’s just some things that will forever remain private.

You may recall that back in March, Brandy and her sister-in-law Princess had an online spat about Brandy skipping out on Princess and Ray J’s baby shower. Ray J and Princess later appeared on The Breakfast Club to clarify that it all stemmed from a “family issue” and the nasty comments were made “in the heat of the moment.”

In a new interview with True Exclusives, Brandy tells her side of that story, explaining her whereabouts and the “family issues” that exist.

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