Tammy Rivera Thinks It’s Time For Women to Stop Attacking Each Other on Social Media and She’s Got Some Valid Points

"If I win, you win!"

With so many beefs between celebrity women cooking up on social media lately, it can be tempting to get sucked into the vortex of never-ending drama. However, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tammy Rivera made a very valid point as to why these cat fights do more harm than good.

In an Instagram post, Tammy writes the following:

“This sh*t getting real bad everyday on social media all you see is US calling each other FAT, UGLY, BIG NOSE, DUMB, HOES, BLACK (as if that’s an insult).. I too am guilty of putting down another woman of color in retaliation of a “clap back” I’M SORRY!!….I LOVE MY SISTERS, WE ALL NEED TO DO BETTER!”

In reading Tammy’s response, one can’t help but think of the recent feud between rappers Azealia Banks and Cardi B. Banks accused Cardi of being illiterate and a “caricature” of a Black woman. “Like, if my spelling and grammar was that bad, I’d be cancelled. If Nicki Minaj spelled like that, we would be ragging on her all day,” Banks said during a Breakfast Club interview. Cardi responded in a post of her own, calling Azealia a hypocrite and “insecure” just before deleting her Instagram entirely.

The beefs are also happening within the Love & Hip Hop universe as well. Hollywood stars Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy have been throwing shade grenades at each other on social media for the longest. They’ve even hitting below the belt by bringing up each other’s parenting skills.

One has to wonder…does Tammy have a point about beefs going too far?

Tammy doesn’t just talk about peacemaking between women…she’s been about that life. In this scene from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tammy brings Jessica Dime and Tommie together to settle their issues.

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