Two Insecure Stars Just Welcomed A Baby Together!

Congrats to the first time parents!

We’ve spent the past year on the edge of our seats waiting to find out which couples will still be together when everyone’s fave, Insecure, returns this summer. While we’ve been waiting to find out if Issa and Daniel or Molly and Dro will break up this season, there’s been some real lifeInsecure news to hold us over: DomiNque Perry, the actress who plays Tasha, has been expecting a baby.

She gave birth a few days ago and gave us this first look and hint of her baby’s cute name!

Since her pregnancy announcement, we’ve been wondering who the baby’s father is. It turns out, we know him the same way that we know DomiNque…from Insecure! Sarunas Jackson, who plays Dro, posted this picture of a baby and it turns out it’s baby Zen.

Thanks to the handy-dandy sleuths of the Internet plus the “Nothing Was The Same” caption, everyone put two-and-two together and realized that these are the parents of this precious new baby girl!

Sarunas lowkey confirmed the rumors when a Twitter user tried to interpret an old tweet of Sarunas’ that seemed to be about the mother of his daughter. He shut down her interpretation but not the fact that he and DomiNque were together at some point.

Congratulations to the new parents!

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