Amber Rose Debunks the Internet Gossip About Her, But This Former Basketball Wives Star Isn’t Here For It

"Your words don't match what you preach as far as women empowerment."

Amber Rose had time yesterday. So what did she do with it? Address every single rumor about her one by one via Instagram story.

“I’m just going to address every rumor about me,” she wrote. “Not like I really give a f–k to explain sh*t but it gets really annoying and also affects my real life.”


In a series of Instagram slides, Amber goes on to address persistent rumors about her personal life – namely denying she cheated on 21 Savage with Lil’ Pump, that she’s trying to reconcile with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa and that she called women from her hometown of Philadelphia “ugly.”

“I never said the girls in Philly are ugly. I would never call anyone ugly I’m just not that type of person,” Rose typed to her fans. “I was simply speaking of how I was treated in my own neighborhood.”

Well, former Basketball Wives LA star Sundy Carter isn’t buying it. Taking to Instagram in a response of her own, the reality star and Philadelphia native gave a lengthy statement on why Amber’s attempts to clean up her statement on beauty standards is pure BS.


“For you to one second not give a f**k and the next you’re explaining the reason behind the statement in quotations is a contradiction,” she wrote. “I’m a Philly native and took offense to what you ORIGINALLY said. ’Traditionally’ means typically and being that your words don’t match what you preach as far as women empowerment, encouraging young girls to wear what they choose yet demand respect and all of the other bull-s**t you say screams a lot about your insecurities as well as character!”

Amber’s colorism controversy went down back in July 2017 when she appeared as a guest on the Drink Champs podcast. When speaking bout her upbringing, Rose claimed that girls she grew up with in her part of Philly weren’t considered “traditionally attractive” and that people often didn’t believe she was from South Philly because of her looks.

Should Amber Rose clap back at Sundy, or leave this topic alone?

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