ANTM Winner Keith Carlos Was in Awe of Cardi B While Playing Her Husband in the “Be Careful” Video

We knew we recogized him from somewhere!

We all know that Cardi B’s co-star in “Be Careful” is stupid fine. But did you recognize the ANTM alum?

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That’s right, the man who plays Cardi’s charming but triflin’ love interest is America’s Next Top Model first male winner Keith Carlos. The model and new dad spoke exclusively with Essence about his experience working with the Bronx-born hit-maker and it was nothing short of flattering.

The ANTM alum talked about Cardi being a tough trooper during their long and very hot shoots:

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“It was a very hot day in the desert; we were wearing multiple layers of all-black clothing [which] made the heat even more uncomfortable. As a pregnant woman in that situation she had every reason to complain, however she didn’t. She’s a hard-working woman and did her job well. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity.”

He also admits to being absolutely smitten with Cardi’s beauty as they stood at the altar:

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“I had to remind myself that I was just acting as her husband because standing at that alter, holding her hands, looking at her lips and watching her hair blow, I was very distracted by how perfect she was. I was the happiest man on earth; she looked simply amazing and hid her pregnancy very well with her dress.”

He also touched on his journey from ANTM, and how Tyra Banks put the wind in his sails to be a fierce model.

“The journey has been extremely tough, but equally as gratifying. I like to explain it like this… ANTM gives you wings; it’s your job to learn how to fly. The business is NOT easy, so every step in the right direction is truly gratifying. There is no such thing as a ‘small job,’ it’s all work and it all counts.”

Sidebar: if you think Keith is a sight for sore eyes, get a load of his adorable son Keith, Jr.

Catch the full version of “Be Careful” below:

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