Ashley Washes Her Hands of Don After Seeing His Messy Sexcapades on Snapchat

This time, she's ending things for good.

There nothing worse than catching your cheating spouse in the act…except for millions of people also seeing it on social media.

Any Black Ink Crew: Chicago fan can tell you that Ashley and Don’s relationship has been a long and difficult journey. Not only did Don have a child outside of their relationship…he’s also done his fair share of dirt (even right up until their wedding day.) Throughout it all, Ashley has given her man chance after chance. But after Don’s been caught receiving sexual favors from his mistress on Snapchat, she’s done for real.

Ashley and her friend are quickly gathering her things from the house before Don comes home from work, but he manages to make it before she peels off. Cornering her into a talk, Don comes clean that the video was no more than a “weak a** one night stand.” Immediately, Ashley is sent over the edge. Why? Because she’s got texts from the mistress claiming they’ve been sleeping together for over a year. “The fact that this is an ongoing affair is what hurts me and the kids the most,” she says before storming out. “It’s just unforgivable.”

Don – you better figure something out, or…

Will Ashley and Don be able to work through this, or is Ashley better off leaving Don for good? Don’t miss the next episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago Wednesday at 8/7c only on VH1.

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