New Man (Again) Who This? Fresh Off of Her Split From Sean Garrett, Karlie Redd Seems to Already Have a New Bae

Shorty wastes no time!

One thing about Karlie Redd is that she stays with a man and that’s a #fact.

Since splitting with Joc, Karlie moved on to Sean Garrett, and now that he’s tired of her messy boots, she’s on to the next on some Jay Z ish.

In this video captured by the Shade Room, Karlie is really cozy with a homie in a Philly fitted.

If you swipe right, Karlie and bae are matching in that black and red like they both play for the Bulls. Per usual, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is all smiles, hugging up on her newest suitor while flaunting some beautiful bundles.

We don’t know who this mystery man is or if the two are really dating but big shout out to Karlie for living her best life. We see you, sis!

In this Check Yourself clip, Karlie isn’t phased that Sean no longer wants to date her.

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