When They Pass You the Aux Cord, Play These Songs From Love & Hip Hop Stars

Let the subwoofer pump that base!

A wise prophet named Madonna once said, “music makes the people come together.” In the reality TV world, we take any chance to do just that and what better way to be close with your friends than through your speakers.

Drama aside, the VH1 talent are hardworking and determined to make it in the industry. When they aren’t making green screen confessionals, some of them are in the studio trying to create that next “Bodak” track or just plain ol’ acting a fool. Whether soulful, turnt up, inspiring, or straight up nasty, these tracks from back in the day to present hit every single time. Plan a road trip, round up your friends, and let this bang this summer. You and your crew will be rapping/singing along the entire ride.

Embedded from open.spotify.com.