It’s Truly a Damn Shame That Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Van Had to Address Disgusting Trolls Because of a Pic With His OWN Daughter

"Y'all are crazy and y'all just say things to be saying it. "

Are y’all OK?!

Earlier today Van of Black Ink Crew: Chicago took a loving photo with his daughter Bri after they hit the gym. Moments later, the tattoo artist found himself doing the unthinkable- explaining to “fans” that there was nothing wrong or inappropriate with the picture he took with his DAUGHTER. It may sound confusing but here’s the original:

Following a productive workout sesh he captioned,

After the gym this morning I decided to make my cardio an adventure outside the gym, my baby girl has given me so much to look forward to as I watch her grow directly in front of my eyes, I take pride in her living with me, can’t wait to get home just to kiss her goodnight when I work late, THANKS BABY FOR CHANGING MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER, I GOT CHA FOR ETERNITY BOO?? #blackinkchicago #Season4

Trolls had a comment about the pose so Van addressed it only because he has a huge platform.


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He says,

I know some of y’all are miserable, very very miserable people and you say some of the most utterly disrespectful things to people that you may even do and I just don’t find you to be a person of intelligence or a person who has morals or values in life. You are- it’s crazy to me. How about, my hand wasn’t touching my daughter at all. My hand was just sitting in front of her. I don’t really feel the need to explain it man, but I am a person with a huge platform and I know a lot of people are following me and they probably want a response but I hate you motha f—as. Y’all are crazy and y’all just say things to be saying it.

His daughter pops in to remind those pervs they are “irrelevant” and “nobodies” and with that mic drop, Van needs to say no more. Shame on the haters. Van, we’re happy to see the father/daughter bonding time. We already know her grades are up there again!

In this throwback Black Ink Crew: Chicago clip, Van puts his daughter through a boot camp for receiving an F on her report card.

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