Our Thoughts and Prayers are With Tokyo Vanity Who Just Suffered a Tragic Loss


Tokyo Vanity’s worst nightmare has been realized because she’s now mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother.

Tokyo Vanity is no doubt an upbeat, fun-loving, amazing person but her world came crashing down after learning of the passing of her angel. Earlier this week, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fan favorite shared the tragic news with her supportive followers, starting with this reminiscent video of her grandmother.

My sweet granny I’m so sick right now I love you so much and imy already you always text and call me and tell me how proud you are of me I’d kill for another one of them calls you was so happy to see me for Mother’s Day …. I ain’t gonna lie I’m taking this hard just pray for me .. rest in heaven granny 🖤

Tokyo then shared another video that her grandma made just one day prior.

Dog my granny dead ass made this video yesterday wow love you granny im so hurt

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“Dog my granny dead ass made this video yesterday wow love you granny im so hurt.”

Tokyo will forever keep her granny close to her heart.

“Just landed and my granny cross was waiting on me I promise to never take it off granny 🖤”

While keeping those precious memories.

“Miss you granny 😂 I promise it wasn’t me who poked alll them holes in yo drawls when we was little ! Im sure god will clear that up for me.”

May your Queen rest in heaven, Tokyo. You, and the rest of your family, are in our prayers at this devastating time.

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