Scrapp Who? You Wouldn’t Believe Which Celebrity Tommie Lee Has Been Spotted Being Extra Cozy With 👀

A lot of fellas (and ladies) are about to be jealous.

Tommie Lee is happy, healthy, and living her best life in Paris with a new bae by her side. I mean, hello? Rihanna shouted her out in the streets. What’s better than that?

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta baddie has had a tumultuous year but has successfully managed to turn things around while still being on her Tommie s–t. For her 34th birthday, Tommie was blessed to celebrate another year of life with close friends including one she says she met “late in life,” but has “better intentions than those [she’s] know [her] whole life.” That special someone is self-proclaimed “King of the Youth” and fashion guru Ian Connor. Just look at how close they are.

In case you didn’t know, Ian is known for his astute eye for fashion as the 25-year-old celebrity consigliere is a personal stylist to Yeezy gawd Kanye West. Couture enthusiasts are very familiar with the name, so it makes sense that these two are taking over the streets of Paris with one another.


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It is important to note that this link up has been problematic for some fans since Ian has been accused of some pretty heinous things by about twenty-one women. We’re not sure if the couple is really dating or if they’re just styling and profiling one picture at a time.

Can’t wait around for Scrapp forever. Happy birthday Tommie!

Ian isn’t the only one who loves Tommie. Erica Mena tried to shoot her shot a minute ago.

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