Captain Save A Ho: Basketball Wives LA Recap, Episode 401

It's always, "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!"

The ladies of Basketball Wives LA are back and crazier than ever. Jackie Christie is still stirring that same pot. (Your arm tired from the stirring yet, ma?) Meanwhile, Malaysia is battling personal demons, Brandi is finding her voice among these ladies, and Draya is the peacemaker. Throw in Mehgan James to spice it up with her underwear line and, dang, you have an explosive first episode of Basketball Wives LA season four.

Need a refresher? Check our handy recap for all the hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from episode 401 now!

  • Do not mention Jackie’s “her” name

    Malaysia is going through a divorce, mourning the loss of her brother, and has no interest in reconciling with Jackie


    Brandi may also be on the road to divorce but she’s most concerned that her BFF left her purses back in Chicago!

  • Introducing Mehgan…and her underwear line

    Mehgan (from Bad Girls Club) is the newest basketball wife because she’s a friend of Jackie’s, but maybe, like, no, IDK, JK.

  • Jackie likes going commando

    Mehgan is starting an underwear line but Jackie’s all, I don’t usually wear panties. Ugh.

  • Draya is nervous for her very first fashion show

    Draya’s line, Fine Ass Girls, takes the runway. Malaysia and Brandi (and DL Mehgan) join the festivities.

  • Why don’t anyone wear underwear in LA?

    Mehgan meets the other girls but she’s still horrified to learn that Californians do not wear panties. Let flow, let go, mama.

  • When Mehgan said she doesn’t know anyone in LA

    But, girl, you just had a sit down with Jackie Christie! Draya’s instantly suspicious.

  • “I’m different, I’m exotic, I’m erotic.” – Proverbs Jackie Christie

    Jackie has a nonsensical meeting about her commercial, makes demands for: a snake, little people, a “nekkid” person. No idea, tbh.

  • Malaysia greets Jackie with a stink eye

  • Draya greets Jackie with a stink eye

    At the “cool chick” chef tasting, Jackie arrives and is met with stone faces from Brandi, Draya, and Malaysia

  • Jackie reminds everyone she don’t suck the D

    The only time the women acknowledge Jackie really is when Draya says ^this^ and drops the mic, yo. (PS. That’s Patrice.)

  • Malaysia’s sister didn’t want her to get a divorce

    Malaysia misses Jannero but he wouldn’t go to counseling. 🙁

  • “Have you noticed it’s always me that everyone has the issue with?” Captain Obvious Jackie Christie

    Jackie apologizes for putting Draya’s relationship on blast last season. Draya accepts and offers to help mend things with Brandi and Malaysia for JC.

  • Malaysia’s not having it tho. At. All.

  • Neither is Brandi.


  • Unless MayMay gets to get down with Doug Christie

    Malaysia wants to go on a date with Doug! (Brandi wants a benefit for ovarian cancer.)


    Draya approaches Jackie and Doug about setting him up on a date with Malaysia


    Jackie don’t play that.

You think Jackie’s really going to let her hubby go on a date with Malaysia? Don’t miss an all new Basketball Wives LA next Monday at 9/8c to find out.