Jim Jones Almost Didn’t Fly High When He Got Into A Dispute With a Flight Attendant

That's not ballin'.

Call your supervisorJimmy is back at it again with the back at it again.

Jim Jones recently nearly found himself standing by for another flight when he narrowly avoided getting kicked off of the plane where he claims he was being racially profiled. In this footage captured on his Sunday night (7/8) Instagram live feed, the Dipset member is seen asking a JetBlue employee if he can speak to a supervisor to sort out this grievance.
In the clip, Jim is seen standing in the passageway, requesting that someone in authority rectify the situation. Eventually, Jimmy was met with the flights’ captain where he’s heard responding:

I’m not doing good also because I’ve been profiled and it’s not a good thing to get profiled. What did I do wrong Captain? I did comply. I totally complied and you can ask every customer that’s sitting next to me. I’m on my way to a show. I take JetBlue every other day literally. I never have a problem with Jet Blue. This is the only flight I take. I’m going to Austin for a show with the Diplomats.

In explaining that he “pushed [his] bag under the seat,” when asked and that he also “put [his] seat belt on,” Jimmy contends that he never disrespected anyone. While everyone in this situation is just trying to work, the captain offers to switch Jim Jones’ seat so the flight could be on its’ way.

This isn’t the first time Jim took a stance about racial profiling. Earlier this year, Capo got into it with members of an LA Fitness. It’s never good to hear that one is being mistreated because of the color of their skin. We’re just happy to see the whole situation was able to work itself out and that no Diplomat fan was left disappointed.



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