Atlanta’s Own Sensation Summerella Releases Her Debut EP “1st Day of Summer”

Give it up for our young queens shining!

This ain’t your six second vine.

Atlanta-based Summerella has been grinding since stepping onto the social media scene, amassing a following of over 3 million people. Her hit “Koka Kola” peaked at number 4 on iTunes, and just in time for her birthday she is dropping her very first album. Released earlier this week, 1st Day of Summer issa entire vibe. We had the chance to speak with her on working with hip hop artists, being self-made, and what to expect from her soul-filled project.

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VH1: First of all, Happy Birthday! How exciting to be releasing an EP and turn 23?
Summerella: It’s super exciting. I can’t wait.
VH1: So, for those who don’t know you or your work, tell us about how you got your start in the industry.
Summerella: It all started back in Vine days when I was making six second videos. The videos were just me being myself, having personality, and being super goofy. Then down the line I made my first singing video. It was just a random video, and that’s when everyone started to take me seriously as an artist. When I released it, it was on Billboard and I didn’t have a push behind it. It was strictly me.
VH1: We know you collaborated with Jacquees before, did you work with anyone on this album?
Summerella: Nobody is being featured on this EP but I did do a single with Jacquees.
VH1: What can we expect?
Summerella : You can expect different vibes, real love songs, a lot of songs that give off that old 90’s R&B vibe.

Summerella has delivered just that. In case you haven’t heard her song with singer/songwriter Jacquees, check out the video for “Pull Up.”

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