Game Over: Melody Love Norwood Adorably Killed Her Father’s #RayJHatChallenge

"Word to Gerber"

Memphis Bleek’s hats walked so T.I.’s could run. T.I.’s fitteds ran so Ray J’s beanie could fly.

Ray J dared social media to come up with their best rendition of the #RayJHatChallenge and the winner is right in his own household!

For those who have been living under a rock the past 24 hours, a conversation between Ray J and Safaree on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood had social media going in with the jokes, and it had nothing to do with what what they were actually talking about.

While Ray J was swindling Safaree into a confession of having an affair with Lyrica Anderson, everyone couldn’t help but notice how shifty Ray J’s hat was. That thang went from being pushed back past his hairline, to chillin’ in the middle of his head, to covering his eyebrows, to eventually having a mind of it’s own. It was hilarious. Ray J eventually explained why his beanie was so indecisive, inspiring him to begin the #RayJHatChallenge.

Lets talk about this hat! It was having a hard time getting comfortable on my head- thoughts please?? lol bc my hat is going viral! WTF lol #VH1 @loveandhiphop
@rayconglobal #RayJHatChallenge

Welp, baby Melody Love Norwood wasted no time taking her dad up on this. She and The Stuntman not only killed the challenge, but Melly even elevated it by switching up hats and baby caps throughout her skit.

How adorable is she!??!?!? Melody slayed this in her sleep- literally! God bless Princess and Ray J’s precious little actress. Showbiz clearly runs in the family!

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