At Me or Dap Me: JoJo Zarur Calls Amara La Negra Out For Sending Subs Over Her Friendship With Bobby Lytes

We're so confused!

Jojo got time.

Amara La Negra has apparently been shading Jojo Zarur for having a friendship with Bobby Lytes and the celebrity stylist has had enough. During their time on Love & Hip Hop Miami, Jojo proved she was a standup friend to Amara when she shut down a grimy conversation Young Hollywood, Steph Lecor, and Veronica Vega were having about the Dominican artist. Now, it seems the friends are having a falling out.

Earlier this summer, we reported that Bobby called Amara “fake” and inserted Jojo into his drama. At the time, it seemed as if Jojo was #TeamLaNegra, but it’s looking like she had a change of heart. We’re not quite sure what made her switch sides but Jojo and Bobby both addressed Amara on social media for allegedly giving Jojo a hard time for who she chooses as friends.

Oop! #BobbyLytes has a message for #AmaraLaNegra

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Jojo then called Amara out in a SnapChat video, claiming the singer has been sending subliminal shots towards her.

In the video she says,

So I don’t really even ever speak on social media but today is like, I’m sick and tired of waking up to Amara taking every f—ing problem to social media. So since you want to resolve it through social media and through Love & Hip Hop then we can talk about it on social media. Amara, stop sending all the subliminals bro, that “all these snakes” and “b—-s got you f—d up” and I’m not a real friend ’cause the whole f—ing world knows that I’ve been nothing but a real f—ing friend to your a–. I fell out with half of Miami f—ing defending you. OK? So now, this year comes around and you and Bobby fell out. Both of you have been my friends. Bobby has been my friend before I even knew you so for you to fall out with him and expect me to say, “F–k you Bobby, I can’t be cool with you ’cause she doesn’t like you anymore,” I can’t do that, bro. And if you’re going to call me a snake, and if you’re going to call me a fake friend, and if you want to take it to social media, and take it to Love & Hip Hop, if that’s what you’re going to do, then go ahead. At the end of the day, I’m not getting in the middle of the s–t no more. You giving me an ultimatum, baby girl, I’m a grown ass woman. You don’t take care of me. You don’t pay my bills. I can do whatever the f—k I want. It’s not my fault that you don’t want to f—k with nobody. It’s not my fault that you don’t want to have any friends. I can do whatever the f—k I want with my life. As long as I don’t say nothing about you, as long as I’m not being a bad friend to you, why the f–k does it matter what the f—k I do with my life? So with that being said, if you don’t want to be my friend it’s cool. I’m not even mad. It’s too stressful to be your friend at this point. I have to wake up and prove a point that I’m a real friend to you and I don’t have time for that s—t. Either we’re friends or we’re not. And stop at-ing my mom, ’cause I don’t involve your mom in s–t, so don’t even talk to my mom back.

Yikes. For the record: Jojo has always claimed to have been a rider for Amara as evidenced by this Instagram post from January.

However, no caption can convince Shay Johnson. Hunty is not buying it. She made her own PSA making it clear that she’s not here for Jojo.

What’s up. I’mma keep this s–t cute. Bobby and Amara got some drama going on that ain’t got nothing to do with me but who I don’t f–k with, I don’t f—k with the rat a– b–h Jojo. Yea, the angry bird looking a– b—h. What you not gonna do, is try to convince the world you just a standup a– female. Like you just so 100 and always had Amara back. You and I both know that s—t is not real. You talked about that girl like a dog so many times to people, to me. You talked about that girl so many times to Bobby so how you stand up? You on social media talking crazy about your so-called “best friend.” You couldn’t give her a call? You couldn’t call her? Now, let’s talk about what you did to me. You both know what you did. We friends, building a rapport but you went behind my back and messed around with my ex-dude. What rat a– b—h does that? Only b—s like you. But you know what? Amara ain’t going to say nothing to your punk a—, but I am. I got her back on this one and I’m glad she finally waking up to see the rat that you are. B–h I’m coming for your a–. You think it’s over but it ain’t. I got you b—h.

Whew. So wait, a couple of questions: What happened between Bobby and Amara? What did Amara post that has everyone so heated? And who is your ex-dude Shay? Pleasure? We see Blue’s “eye emoji” comment. So, what’s the tea? Lawd, this is a lot but hopefully a season two can provide some clarity.

It was all good, a season ago. In this throwback clip, Jojo walks out on Amara, Steph, and Young Hollywood for trying to play Amara.

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