Deb Antney Dishes About What Really Went Down with Kalenna

"Another Debby would have beat the bricks out of her like she came for me. I just didn't like that."

In this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, manager and go-to-therapist of sorts, Deb Antney gets into it with Kalenna when she asks Deb to tell her who she’s currently working with. We chatted with Deb and found out exactly why she got so fired up and felt that Kalenna “came for her.”

“[I]t was really kind of crazy because it’s really kind of hard to even deal with Kalenna because Kalenna lived in an imaginary world. So, a lot of fictitious things she was saying like from the beginning of our first meeting like really [I was] just looking at her like she was a basket case and I really didn’t know how to read her and the only way I was reading her was incorrect because there was nothing she was saying to me that was making sense.”

Detailing how she got involved with Kalenna in the first place, Waka Flocka’s mom explained “Me meeting with her was really just me doing Rasheeda a favor because they asked me to really meet with Kalenna and felt that Kalenna might have some things there that are really really good but I came to found out it was a lot of other things there that…things that I don’t really wanna deal with.”

On why she wasn’t apt to work with the Diddy Dirty Money songstress, Antney said “I told her that if she got everything together with her husband then we could talk about it but I said ’I’m not getting in the middle of no husband and wife situation’ and I’m not doing that.” After Tony wasn’t as supportive as Kalenna would have liked, she came back with signed papers that would release her as an artist from her husband. Speaking of an off-camera interaction between the two of them in a restaurant, Antney explained “[W]e talked and she cried and started trembling and going through all this stuff and then when she came to my office, it didn’t seem right when she came because she looked a little nervous.”

“She couldn’t look at me, she couldn’t do anything and then to tell me her husband thought it wasn’t a good idea, then for her to [ask] me ’What have I done lately?’ Mmm. I have done things more recently than she’s done. So I should be asking her, what does she do lately and then she tried to come for me. Nobody comes for me.”

Antney explains that she doesn’t fully understand why Kalenna came asking for her help in the first place. “If you can call all these people, why didn’t you call them? Why you calling me? Why you worrying about something that happened years ago that really didn’t happen. You can’t threaten me by that, I’m not the one coming to ask for help. I never came to seek her out, she came to seek me out.”

Speaking about whether the fight was all for TV, Deb was quick to shoot it down, “Kalenna coming for me, boy I didn’t create that storyline (laughs). You do not understand, another Debby would have beat the bricks out of her like she came for me. I just didn’t like that.”

Either way, Kalenna just released her new track “Borderline” off of her upcoming EP Rose Water so she’s doing just fine!

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