It Seems As If the Beef Between These Two Black Ink Crew Stars Is Finally Over

"Keep growing and glowing!"

Life moves smoother when everyone gets along and sometimes Jesus be a camera.

Sky’s maturity has been more apparent over the years and she’s on a roll with one less “beef” to worry about. The Queen of Black Ink’s recent celebration of the opening of her new boutique also served as grounds for a reconciliation with none other than Charmaine of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Charmaine captioned:

BET Hip Hop Awards was amazing but the highlight of my weekend in Miami was coming to support my Black Ink Sis @flyyytattedsky on the grand opening of @herlittlesecretboutique and exchanging the encouraging words that we exchanged. Keep growing and glowing!

If you recall, tensions rose between the ladies following VH1’s airing of Behind the Ink: Dirty Love where Charmaine spoke on the New York crew’s dysfunctional love lives. Following the special, Sky took to Instagram to come at Charmaine for allegedly hijacking her personality. (Swipe right.)

I think it’s the Black Ink Crew season finale of Chicago too so that’s good ’cause y’all don’t gotta deal with that b—h Charmaine acting like me, G–d damnit. I know y’all was annoyed ’cause I was annoyed. I had to stop watching that s—t.

Charmaine, who is actually a fan of Sky’s, then sent this open letter via WCGI to express how much Sky inspired her and to let Sky know they have a lot more in common than she thinks. It read:

Dear Sky,

It is really unfortunate that you have found hate in your heart for me when I have done nothing but try and bond with you in the past. Before I had the opportunity to become a part of this franchise YOU were my favorite personality of ALL TIME because I could relate to your fun energy. It was a coincidence that I am now a part of the same franchise as my former all time fav reality star. When we met back in 2015 I expressed what an honor it was to meet you and I asked you to take me in as your little sis to help me maneuver around production. I was getting a lot of heat season one bc of the drama between Don and I and I truly felt that you of all people could help me make the right choices when it came to how to play this game. Your response was telling me to DM you my number and you would hit me back. Which then lead to you unfollowing me… 2 years later I hear you HATE me and I have done nothing to you. If you would have gotten the chance to know me then you would know that I am not trying to be like you. We both are loud and obnoxious. We both have great energy. We both like to have fun. You have set a bar Sky, but i can only be myself and not compare myself to anyone on this earth. I’ve always respected you and your character. I invite you to come on my radio show and talk this thing out with me. Please let me know if you accept, We could be stronger together than against one another.

One can never stay salty for too long, especially when it comes to black queens supporting one another. Amazing to see there are no longer any issues between Charmaine and Sky anymore and congrats once again to Sky on the opening of Her Little Secret Boutique!

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