“I Know You Jealous of Her, But She Did Not F–k Safaree:” A1 Delivers a Kanye West-Style Message to K. Michelle

"Leave my wife's name out your mouth."

A1 plays all day.

Kanye West
recently used his newly-launched IG account to check celebrities such as Nick Cannon and Drake for talking about his wife; now A1 is on that same time.

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After watching the video meant to defend Kim Kardashian’s honor, A1 Bentley did the same to fend for his queen Lyrica in the form of a #KanyeWestChallenge. In the Instagram post above, A1 starts off as Mr. West’s video did, out of breath, but determined to get the message out loud and clear, bugs flying in his mouth and all. He says,

Now that I’m out the nail salon, hold on, ambulance coming, but it’s a couple of things that I want to address. K.Michelle, leave my wife out your mouth. Leave my wife name out your mouth. I know you jealous of her but she did not f—k Safaree. Number two, Safaree, you should’ve been had said something. You should’ve came to me. You should’ve been said something; you got my number. That’s not cool. Leave my wife’s name out of this. We happy. Now that I’m out the nail salon, I can think now.

The emoji used in his caption is probably an indication that everything is cool. Great to hear that A1 and Lyrica are straight and he can laugh at the situation now.

He’s in great spirits now but not too long ago, A1 was ready to take Safaree’s head off.

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