Momma Dee and Her Newborn Grandson Already Share This Very Special Bond

We know Scrappy and Bambi had a little chuckle about this one.

Celebrate good times!

Momma Dee certainly had a dope weekend to remember. Not only did she celebrate her birthday this past weekend, but she also welcomed her first grandson on the same day!

The Prince has arrived 8 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches #Prince Breland #on the queens birthday #newbornbaby

If anyone is ecstatic for the birth of Baby Breland, aside from his parents of course, it’s Momma Dee. I mean, the woman did break into Scrappy and Bambi’s home to renovate it in anticipation of Breland’s arrival. It was a bit much at the time, but now grandma and Breland have a deeper bond that goes beyond grandmother and grandchild- they are Virgo twins! What are the chances of that?!

And just like a typical Virgo, Momma Dee was cuttin’ up like one while celebrating with her husband Ernest.

Dancing the night away with my hubby @tharealkingbk celebration of my Birthday and our grandson Breland wonderful night

If Ernest ever has to question again, “Dee Dee, Do you love me?” he can always reference this IG post for a definitive, “yes.”

Happy Birthday Glamma Dee and congrats on the birth of your petite prince.

Re-watch the moment Momma Dee hired a whole construction crew to baby-proof Scrappy’s apartment- without his permission.

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