Scientific Proof That Clueless Is the Greatest Teen Movie in History

Yes, even better than Mean Girls and The Breakfast Club. Sorry to be way harsh.

Dear citizens of Earth, a very major date in our planet’s history is upon us: the 20th anniversary of the most important movie ever. Not The Godfather. Not Citizen Kane. Gone with the Wind, you ask? Don’t be ridiculous! We’re talking about a true cinematic gem: Clueless.

Yes, y’all: The 1995 teen cult classic starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, the late Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison, and Breckin Meyer turns 20 on Sunday, July 19. And while this flick tends to get overshadowed by similar titles like Mean Girls (2004) and The Breakfast Club (1985), make no mistake: Clueless is the greatest teen film of all time. We know, that’s a lofty statement.

But we’ve got SCIENCE to back that up. Science! In 20 easy-to-digest GIFs, here is cold-hard evidence that Clueless is the most relatable, fashion-forward, and entertaining romp in the high school genre. Class is in session, betches.

  1. Cher was a feminist trailblazer at 16.

    I’m not dressing up for you animals!

  2. And her trademark phrase is the most iconic of any teen movie.

    This is not up for debate.

  3. It’s the only coming-of-age flick that taught you valuable life skills.

    The boys aren’t ready for this.


    Are you pregnant now?

  5. Cher is so GD relatable—way more than Cady Heron or Claire Standish. (Sorry ’bout it.)

    This is how we make cookies, tbh.

  6. Oh, and so is Tai. Remember when she accurately summed up any interaction with your first crush?

    Cannot. Feel. My. Face.

  7. And then Cher had the same struggs.

    Pretty girls have these problems, too! They’re not all Regina Georges.

  8. This is everyone. Especially before the SATs.

    BRB. Crying.

  9. Cher was all of us at the Valley party.

    If you can’t relate to this GIF, then you’re lying to yourself.

  10. And when she spilled so much truth about losing your virginity.

    Peer pressure, be damned! Yas, queen!

  11. Did we mention how Tai is basically the everygirl?

    Teen angst.

  12. YOU AF, RIGHT?

  13. Clueless also made you come to terms with your lack of automotive prowess.

    This writer failed his driver’s test twice, and Cher taught him that he’s still A-OK!

  14. While most teen movie teachers suck, Ms. Geist was an ethereal galactic princess who didn’t give homework on the weekends.

    A far cry from Ms. Norbury and what we’re sure were her mountains of Calculus homework.

  15. Also, it has the best fashion.


  16. Oh! And all the witty shades and reads. Like this one from Christian.

  17. Or Tai’s. Actually, this one was just mean.

    But also legendary.

  18. Sometimes they said things you didn’t understand.

    Which made the movie smarter and better, and, through osmosis, you became smarter and better, too.

  19. By the end, Cher, Tai, and Dion gave us all #FriendshipGoals.

    And the Plastics broke up. Depressing.

  20. But, most important, it redefined the role of bubblegum in modern society.

    Game-changing. The opposite of “totally buggin’,” really. Class dismissed, bbs.