This Black Ink Crew Artist Had No Choice But to Give a Client the Most Disrespectful Tattoo of All Time

This is what happens when you appear on How Far Is Tattoo Far?

Have you ever watched a movie where a friend gets a tattoo while drunk only to regret it in the morning? Well, MTV’s new show is something like that, except it goes down sober-headed. On How Far is Tattoo Far?, family, friends, and significant others get a chance to work with an artist to design and place a significant tattoo for one another but here’s the catch: The participants have no choice but to get it. On the series premiere, one of those artists tasked to be the bearer of bad tattoos was Tiffany Perez who you all may remember as Sky’s not-so-best-friend on Black Ink Crew.

Hosted by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of Jersey Shore and Younger’s Nico Tortorella, contestants get tat-tat-tatted up while wearing blackout glasses, leaving their permanent fates in the hands of another.

Unfortunately for Tiffany’s client, her ex-girlfriend disliked her so much that she had Tiff curse the woman with a tattoo of an odorous garbage can right by her cooter cat.

Snooki could barely even watch the unveil. Judging by the premiere, we already know this show will be insane and almost impossible to turn away from. The reasoning behind the tattoo may have been literally foul but what do you think of Tiffany’s work otherwise?

Mission executed or nah?

In this throwback Black Ink Crew clip, Tiffany squares off with a nemesis of her own.

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