Scrappy and Bambi Just Found Some New Babysitters for Baby Breland

These babysitters are just as cute as Breland is.

Having an infant is hard and there’s always a need for a little extra help here and there. Luckily for Scrappy and Bambi who welcomed their first son Breland a month ago, they might have some extra hands to help them out when they need it. We’re not talking about Momma Dee or Emani, those two are already doting and help out often, we’re talking about Bambi’s BFF, Malaysia, and her three kids.

While they don’t have resumes or references yet — mainly because they’re in middle and elementary school — the Pargo kids certainly have lots of love for Breland. There were there at his gender reveal and they got down at Bambi’s baby shower. If that wasn’t enough, they’re silly and that’s the most important quality in being a fun babysitter.

Sure, these babysitters still need some supervision themselves (again, they’re 12 and 8) but they have love and support for their precious godbrother and that’s what truly matters.

In case they don’t have what it takes to be professional babysitters, the Pargo kids definitely have a shot of pursuing careers in project management, like the time they made an adorable presentation to convince their mom to get them a dog.

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