“Just Say Yes!” Tip Continues His Quest to Get Tiny on a Plane to Trinidad With Him

"I have not had such a hard time getting a woman on a private jet before!"

She can’t stay angry for long! After a lukewarm anniversary trip invite, it looked like Tiny was going to skip her anniversary trip to Trinidad with T.I., but it looks like she is starting to change her mind. And we can’t blame her! Do you see how cute T.I. is with little Heiress at her nail polish launch?!

Seriously, these two are too cute together and we can’t believe that a two-year-old has a business.

At the launch of Heiress’s nail polish line, Tip takes the opportunity to talk to his wife about their anniversary trip. She has been holding out on him and he’s like, “I have not had such a hard time getting a woman on a private jet before!” Tiny wants some romance, but she also knows that T.I. is trying to make amends in his own, weird way.

LeToya Luckett puts it best when she says, “Tip and Tiny have a real relationship. Nothing in love is perfect. Even when stuff has done left they still come back to the one thing that’s most important and that’s family.” Watch the clip above to see what Tiny decides!

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