Sneak Peek: Ceaser Sits There Highly Entertained While Miss Kitty Gets Humiliated In Front Of The Crew

"I know Kitty's a little offended. I'm just teasing her by hearing this girl out."

Fun Fact: Some cats have claws.
We all know Miss Kitty is the brand ambassador for Black Ink, but in this sneak peek it doesn’t seem like this young woman cares. A hustle hungry lady named Signature pulls up to the shop, with one goal: Kit’s job. When Kitty requests to see what Signature is trying to offer to the shop, the newcomer serves all of the sass, making it crystal that she came to parlay with Ceaser only. Lack of Canadian tuxedo aside, Kitty is already unimpressed by what Signature claims she can get done but just for s—ts and giggles, Cease gives her a chance to do her marketing pitch anyway. Although the gang finds her pitch to be a joke, Signature is the one laughing when she insinuates Miss Kitty is aptly named because she is actually “p—y.”
*Insert “Ohhhhhh!!!!’s” here.*

Naturally, Kitty feels humiliated, disrespected, and even Rhythm Nations herself up out of there but no one wants her to trip too hard. At the end of the day, Ceaser is “not hiring right now” and allowing Signature to pitch is just all in good fun for him. Let’s just hope Miss Kitty finds this little stunt funny.

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