After All of the Explosive Arguments and Tears of Last Season, Sky and Genesis Come Face-to-Face Once More

"I had to fix myself before I could present myself. I f-cked up."

While Sky and her son Desi have built up a strong relationship since reuniting last season on Black Ink Crew, the one with her older son Genesis has been strained for some time.

But things might just be looking up for Sky.
Des says that he has been talking to Genesis and that he thinks he “opened his eyes” and invites him to the shop. Things are much calmer than previous encounters, so it is automatically looking like these two have a chance at reconciliation. That’s when Genesis takes Sky outside to tell her how he really feels.

It took Genesis a year to realize that a relationship with his mom was something that he wanted, but after their previous conversations Genesis felt like he needed to “learn how to be a man before [he] could come talk” and that he needed to “fix [himself] before [he] could present [himself.]”

Check out the clip above to see if there’s hope for this mother-son duo. I’d grab some tissues if I were you!

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